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[hal-02916953] Computation and analysis of bound vibrational spectra of the Neon tetramer using row orthonormal hyperspherical coordinates.

The paper presents the first implementation of the row-orthonormal hyperspherical coordinate formalism for the computation of the vibrational spectrum of a tetratomic system. The wavefunc-tion of Ne 4 is expanded on a large basis set of hyperspherical harmonics generated numerically. This method not only provides spectra with reasonable accuracy, but also gives physical insight into the vibrational dynamics of the system. The characteristics of the spectra are related to the symmetry and localization of the wavefunction in configuration space.

[hal-02881940] Fragmentation dynamics of Ar4He1000 upon electron impact ionization: competition between ion ejection and trapping


[hal-02481944] Spontaneous emission and energy shifts of a Rydberg rubidium atom close to an optical nanofiber


[hal-02569354] Un rêve pour les filles et les garçons : la science


[hal-02567526] Alkali atoms attached to vortex-hosting Helium nanodroplets


[hal-02512933] Density-functional tight-binding: basic concepts and applications to molecules and clusters


[hal-02486540] Floquet thermalisation in a Rydberg-blockaded atomic chain subject to a frequency-modulated drive


[hal-02491991] Theoretical investigation of the electronic relaxation in highly excited chrysene and tetracene: The effect of armchair vs zigzag edge


[hal-02381781] R&D around a photoneutralizer-based NBI system (Siphore) in view of a DEMO Tokamak steady state fusion reactor


[hal-02372604] Coherent quantum dynamics launched by incoherent relaxation in a quantum circuit simulator of a light-harvesting complex


[hal-01685236] Electronic field emission models beyond the Fowler-Nordheim one


[hal-02349768] A three dimensional numerical quantum mechanical model of field electron emission from metallic surfaces covered with carbon adsorbates


[tel-02333474] Trajectory-based methods for the study of ultrafast quantum dynamics


[hal-02325007] Quantum properties of light propagating in a coherent-population-oscillation storage medium


[tel-02301575] Dynamique quantique ultra-rapide de nanogouttes d'hélium superfluide dopées



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Cosmological constant AR ATOMS STATE Theory Energy spectrum DRIVEN Excitation energy transfer EET Extra dimension Transitions non-adiabatiques Dynamique moléculaire quantique Dynamique mixte classique WAVE-PACKET DYNAMICS Collision frequency Classical trajectory Dark energy ELECTRONIC BUBBLE FORMATION Cluster COMPLEX ABSORBING POTENTIALS Electron transfer FIELD Effets transitoires COLLISION ENERGY Fluorescence DIFFERENTIAL CROSS-SECTIONS FEMTOSECOND LASER-PULSE Effets inélastiques Atomic collisions Ab-initio Dynamics Fluctuations Casimir effect Tetrathiafulvalene ELECTRON-NUCLEAR DYNAMICS Electron-surface collision Coordonnées hypersphériques elliptiques Cryptochrome Non-equilibrium Green's function Wave packet interferences Anharmonicity Théorie de la fonctionnelle de la densité QUANTUM OPTIMAL-CONTROL ALGORITHM Fast light DYNAMICS Bohmian trajectories Ab initio calculations CHEMICAL-REACTIONS Rydberg atoms CONICAL INTERSECTION CAVITY Composés organiques à valence mixte Muonic hydrogen MODEL Effets de propagation Calcium Diels-Alder reaction Quantum dynamics Coulomb presssure Collisions des atomes Fonction de Green hors-équilibre Contrôle cohérent Propagation effects Dynamique quantique Collisions ultra froides Fabry-Perot cavity Femtochemistry Deformation ENERGY ELECTRON DYNAMICS Ultrashort pulses Agrégats Effets isotopiques Coherent control Floquet thermalisation in closed quantum systems CLASSICAL TRAJECTORY METHOD Clusters Atomic clusters COHERENT CONTROL Transport électronique Cope rearrangement DEMO Electrostatic accelerators Close-coupling DENSITY ENTROPY ENTANGLEMENT Drops DEPENDENT SCHRODINGER-EQUATION Electronic transport inelastic effects Dissipative dynamics Slow light Half revival Ejection Alkali-halide DISSIPATION Electric field MCTDH Density functional theory Dissipative quantum methods